The Dance of the Divide is an annual father/daughter dance in our community sponsored by the Girl Scouts. Each year the dance has a different theme. Here is some history of the dance.

Troop 583 held the Father Daughter Dance in 1995 to earn their Silver Award. What started as a project, turned into a tradition and an annual gathering for the families of the Divide. The Troop decided that the proceeds from the dance would benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento. Tara Runnels and her family benefited from the generosity of the Ronald McDonald House when she under went surgery at Shriner's Hospital, and so the Troop wanted to give back.

The members of Troop 583 started as Daisy's under the leadership of three Troop mothers; Cathy Runnels, Sue Smith and Mickey Borello. The troop membership ebbed and flowed slightly, but the core group was together from 1st grade through their Senior Year of High School. We learned a lot through putting on the dance. As we got older more and more of the responsibilities of the event fell to us including securing sponsors and donations, creating and setting up the decorations, booking the DJ and selling tickets. It allowed all of us to learn the value of working together, as well as building significant assets such as responsibility, creativity and leadership. With subsequent dances, the Troop continued to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. They also used some of the proceeds to celebrate thirteen years of togetherness, a trip for the graduating High School Seniors.

                                                                                           Pictures from the 19th Annual dance in 2014 with a 50's Sock Hop theme. 

In 2012, Troop 791 was asked if we wanted to continue the tradition of the Annual Father Daughter Dance that was put on by Girl Scouts in Cool. The initial response came with a lot of trepidation; the oldest Girl Scout Troop left was only in 3rd grade. Our Brownies didn’t have the capabilities of putting on the dance like the older girls had in the prior troops. But the Leaders of Troop 791 asked the Leaders of Troop 938 if they’d like to do it together. When it was decided that we, a small group of moms of Girl Scouts, could help facilitate putting the dance on as a team, we did so in a short six weeks!

Since we were starting out and had little funds, we changed the venue of the dance from Northside School to the Pilot Hill Grange. We received numerous compliments on the location change; and after another year at the PHG – the attendance numbers increased by over 40%, and the lack of adequate parking became an issue. We held the 19th Annual ‘Sock Hop’ themed dance at the Gold Trail Grange in Coloma, but we really wanted to be back on the Divide; so we have become community partners with GDRD and have moved the dance back to the original destination ---- Northside School!

We’re very happy to be able to continue the tradition of the Father Daughter Dance, set forth almost two decades ago by a troop of Girl Scouts as a way to earn their Silver Award, to be a special event for girls and their dads (or step-dad, grandpa, uncle, older brother, family friend) to attend each year!